Accelerate Cleveland Manufacturing

It's All About the Benjamins, Baby:

Advanced Sales Tactics to Grow Your Business

Do you want to grow sales? Discover, promote, and monetize your brand value.

Prospects must understand your brand value before they become customers. You must understand your customers' needs and let them know that your company can deliver the solution to those needs better than your competitors. Led by MAGNET Senior Marketing and Sales Advisor, Scott Hinterleiter*, this working session will help you look at your business in a different way, to discover your brand value, and position you to promote and monetize that value.

The presentation will also include Craig Coffey from Lincoln Electric who will present an overview of their company, present their value proposition and best practices, as well as other sales and marketing tactics they use to set themselves apart.

Bring your team to participate in group exercises to practice the content and get immediate feedback.

* Scott Hinterleiter is Senior Marketing and Sales Advisor with MAGNET. Scott has 25+ years of Global corporate marketing leadership and consulting experience in Manufacturing and Telecommunications serving small and medium-size B2B and B2C companies. He has extensive international experience in Europe, the Middle East and Asia in addition to his US operations background. Scott grew up in Northeast Ohio but held positions with companies in Atlanta, Miami, and Chicago before returning to the region. Scott holds a BSBA in Finance and Economics from Miami University and an MBA in Marketing from the University of Colorado.

About Accelerate Cleveland Manufacturing

Funded by the Cleveland Foundation, Accelerate Cleveland Manufacturing is a collaboration between MAGNET and WIRE-Net that focuses on challenges facing manufacturers. The goal is a stronger urban manufacturing community that is growing and investing locally, and capable of providing more jobs to qualified residents.

Initiative funded with generous support from The Cleveland Foundation
Accelerate Cleveland Manufacturing