Plant Tour Series

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WIRE-Net Plant Tours, presented by BCG & Company, offer participants a unique opportunity to see successful local manufacturing facilities and learn firsthand about what they're doing right. Each tour focuses on a quality that sets the company apart.

Jakprints, Inc.

Hip, Cool, and Green in the Heart of Cleveland
Jakprints, Inc.

Like so many great ideas, Jakprints was born out of necessity. More than a decade ago, co-founders Dameon Guess and Jacob Edwards had to market their bands (that's right, bands, as in music!). The two paired their backgrounds in screen printing and graphic design with unique insights into the printing needs of musicians, designers, and artists.

Fast-forward 10 years, and Jakprints has more than filled that niche from their Cleveland headquarters. They've taken their dedication to customization, turn-around, quality, environmental responsibility, and customer-service that drove their success in the underground community and applied it to other industries that face the same needs—whether it's a metal band in Europe, a manufacturer on the West Coast, or a sushi restaurant down the street.

With over 150,000 square feet of operations in their plants, this is a unique opportunity to tour their Cleveland facilities (one of which is the former Cadillac plant) and see their operations up close and personal. You will also get to hear about their environmental programs which include planting over 218,000 trees. Space is limited so sign up today!

Jakprints, Inc.