A Taste of Great Lakes Brewing Company

"More networking!" It's the cry we hear from our members in response to every evaluation and survey we send. We're listening!

Presented by Boondock Walker, WIRE-Net networking events allow you to increase visibility, develop relationships, hone your marketing message, connect with industry influencers, recruit talent, and socialize.

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Join WIRE-Net for a taste of Great Lakes Brewing Company. You will have a chance to try a couple of your favorite GLBC beers (or a couple glasses of wine, if you prefer) accompanied by good food and great conversation! Why Great Lakes Brewing Company? WIRE-Net celebrates successful manufacturing, and the company's commitment to sustainable business practices is a great example. Not to mention . . . the beer is good!

2014 Beer Statistics

At a similar event in 2014, the Commodore Perry IPA was the most popular selection by a narrow margin over Dortmunder Gold. Eliot Ness and Burning River tied for third, with Edmund Fitzgerald Porter hot on their tail. Wine lagged far behind, but who goes to a brewery to drink wine?

Come see what's on tap this year and "vote" (early and often) for your favorite!

Great Lakes Brewing Company