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10,000 Small Businesses

WIRE-Net Seminars, presented by 10,000 Small Businesses, are affordable, convenient, and timely: keeping you up to date with the latest trends. You can learn from industry professionals with first-hand knowledge of current best practices and trends in areas that matter most to manufacturers.

Managing Unpredictable Costs
in an Unpredictable Market

Businesses today face many challenges in this unpredictable market. Local companies are feeling squeezed by:

  • Increased competition
  • The struggle to find talent
  • Governmental regulations
  • Ever increasing benefit costs

As business owners struggle with profitability, managing these areas is becoming more and more critical. We will cover insight to the local market, strategies to implement, and areas to review to ensure long-term success and organizational growth.

About Our Speaker
Kim Harris

Kim Harris, ADP HB/BPO Consultant, was born and raised in Cleveland. Kim works with local business owners to understand their organizational goals/objectives and how to adapt in an unpredictable market. The ability to change and manage unpredictable costs is critical to long-term sustainability. With over twenty-five years of business experience, Kim helps organizations think about their Human Capital differently.