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When "Just Say No" Isn't Enough . . .
Creating a Drug Free Workplace

Organizations successfully implementing a Drug Free Workplace have been proven to improve productivity, reduce costs, and bolster employee morale.

Dr. Bruce Hensley, St. Vincent Charity Occupational Health, will address the topics you must consider when establishing a drug policy, including:

  • What substances to test for
  • When to test
  • How to test

Dr. Hensley will also talk about how to create expectations and communicate with your staff about this very important issue.

About Our Speaker
Dr. Bruce Hensley

Dr. Hensley's practice is dedicated to helping employers effectively and efficiently return employees to work, while ensuring proper care of the employee and promoting a safe, productive work environment. Dr. Hensley has practiced for over 20 years as an Occupational Medicine physician in a number of practice settings including experience as Medical Director in the manufacturing setting. He currently serves as Medical Director for Mercy Work Health and Safety as well as St. Vincent Charity's Occupational Health Program.