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OSHA Enforcement Update
Direct from the Director

Beginning on August 1, 2016, OSHA penalties are being increased by 78%. It is important to learn about your responsibilities to provide a safe and healthful workplace for your employees.

Come hear from the Director of the U.S. Department of Labor / OSHA Cleveland Area Office. Learn about:

  • OSHA's enforcement priorities
  • The currently most cited standards
  • How to receive free safety and health assistance for your business

In addition, two new OSHA standards were very recently issued—Confined Space in Construction and the final rule to improve U.S. workers' protection from the dangers of respirable silica dust. There are also additional employer requirements for reporting injury and illness data to OSHA starting next year.

About Our Speaker
Howie Eberts

Howard B. Eberts has been the Director of the Cleveland Area office since January, 2011. He started with OSHA as a Compliance Officer (Industrial Hygienist) in the Columbus Area Office in 1988. Howie worked in the Chicago Regional Office from 2001-2006 as Assistant Regional Administrator for Cooperative and State Programs. He returned to the Columbus Area Office in 2006.

The Cleveland Area Office is one of four OSHA Area Offices in Ohio, along with Toledo, Columbus, and Cincinnati. The 28 employees, including 17 Compliance Officers and two Whistleblower Investigators, cover twelve counties in the northeast corner of the State.