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Mitigate Risk and Maximize Value
Before and After an ERP Implementation

ERP software is one of the largest investments most small to medium-sized organizations will ever make. Yet implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is often misunderstood and produces results that are underwhelming.

A properly-deployed and utilized ERP system will provide faster ROI, resulting in a more competitive advantage in today's ever-evolving marketplace(s). ERP solutions need to become an integrated, key component of your organization's overall business strategy in order to optimize how the business provides value to your customers. Data that is converted into useful information is foundational to improved decision-making.

Chuck Keberdle, Sr. Manager at M&M Business Solutions, a division of Meaden & Moore's CPA accounting firm, will walk through suggestions to maximize your organization's ERP value. Whether you are in the process of selecting, implementing, or already using an ERP solution, he will present several tips to improve the process.

About Our Speaker
Chuck Keberdle

Chuck Keberdle is a USAF Security Service veteran, possessing a top secret clearance while on active duty. Chuck graduated from John Carroll University. Most of his career has been split between IT and Operations having held positions that include master scheduler, business systems manager, ERP education / training manager, production planning manager, Lean Six Sigma leader, vice president of operations, and founder of Lean Solutions Group, LLC.

Chuck has led / supported four ERP implementations while in industry, conducted over 30 ERP selection projects, and led / participated in multiple ERP implementations in a consultative capacity. Chuck is Certified in Production Inventory Management (CPIM) through APICS, previously a CPIM instructor in the Cleveland APICS Chapter, has hosted plant tour events and spoken at multiple Cleveland Chapter APICS meetings.