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Data Loss and Business Disruption:
It Won't Happen To Me

Your data is at risk, but everybody thinks "it won't happen to me!"

Whether from natural disaster, hardware failure, or someone with malicious intent, the threats are real and they're everywhere.

Part one of this session will touch on the current threat landscape, 'defense in depth', the importance of a proper backup and recovery plan, and the next generation of protection (including firewalls, antivirus, and spam filtering).

Part two will be an interactive security training session, in which we explain and give examples of such threats as ransomware, spoofing, phishing, whaling, and spearphising. Think you know what to look for and what to avoid? We bet you'll learn a few new things from this session!

The cost of this training is normally $200. Through our relationship with Ashton Technology Services, WIRE-Net is able to offer this program to you at a huge discount!

About Our Speaker

Ashton Technology Services is a Beachwood-based provider of managed IT services, founded in 1994. Whether working to complement your existing IT team/person, or acting as a completely outsourced IT department, Ashton develops proactive business technology strategies to arm their clients for success.

Travis Grundke, Operations Manager: Travis joined Ashton in 2002, and was promoted to Operations Manager in 2010. A graduate of The College of Wooster, he enjoys looking for better ways to get things done, with an eye on finding the appropriate solutions to business problems.

Tom Evans, Engineer Emeritus: Tom retired in 2015, after five years with Ashton, 28 with Hawk Corporation, and a total of 34 years in the IT world. While the majority of his time is now spent birding, diving, and skiing, he still leads our security training department, and often blogs on various security topics.