Manufacturing Lunch 'n' Learn Series

Skoda Minotti

WIRE-Net's Lunch 'n' Learn series, presented by Skoda Minotti, features local successful manufacturing leaders with great lessons to share. You can learn from their stories of what it took to get where they are today, and what they are doing to continue growing toward the future.

Industry 4.0: How We Compete in the Manufacturing World Today

Delta Systems, Inc.

Delta Systems, Inc. has recently begun to embrace the concepts and changes necessary to be part of Industry 4.0. To compete in the world today, Delta knows it must become a "smart manufacturer." We must understand and then expand our ability in Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) while incorporating flexible/smart manufacturing techniques. This is the story of our journey to become part of Industry 4.0.

About Our Speaker
Lissa Barry

Elizabeth (Lissa) Barry is the President, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of Delta Systems, Inc. She has been a board member of the company since 1995, becoming President in 2005, and assuming the additional roles of CEO and Chairman in 2007.

Lissa began her career as a bank examiner with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. She continued her career in New York working in Client Services, and as a Portfolio Manager and research associate, before moving to San Francisco where she worked as an executive recruiter. She then moved to the Cleveland area where she joined Delta Systems.

Lissa is the recipient of several prestigious awards, including "Women Who Excel" from Smart Business magazine in 2011, the "Leading Edge" award from Entrepreneurial Edge in 2010, and the "Image Award" from the Streetsboro Chamber of Commerce in 2008. She is currently the Chairman of Portage Development Board and a member of the Streetsboro Chamber of Commerce.

Lissa received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Middlebury College and an MBA with emphasis in accounting from Fordham University. Lissa, her husband, Dean, and their two sons reside in Hunting Valley, Ohio.