Industrial Painter Training

The Industrial Painter Training, presented by industry leader PPG Industries Commercial Coatings, is designed for the industrial painter, shop/plant managers, and could be helpful to schedulers and safety personnel as well. This one-day event will cover all aspects of painting metal substrates using liquid and/or powder coatings. The seminar will take the attendees all the way from proper preparation and cleaning, into equipment set up, and application techniques, explaining the differences between dried and cured coatings, proper QA measures, and how the products can be handled after application. Our trainers will address proper handling of liquid and powder coatings, personnel safety–including proper respiration, the causes and controls of corrosion, and the differences between price and cost of coatings. In addition, subjects such as why your company may need to examine the EPA 6X rule can be discussed.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Safety
    • Handling
    • Respiration
    • ISOs
  • Equipment
    • Types
    • Average cap and tip set ups
    • Suggested pressures
  • Corrosion cause and controls
  • Substrate preparation
  • Pretreatment
  • Coatings fundamentals
  • Product chemistries
  • Application
    • Spray condition considerations
    • Proper technique
  • Dry time versus cure time
  • Disposal
  • Comments on obtaining 6X rule painter and shop certification

The PPG property has spray facilities as well as a classroom, so there will be an opportunity for some hands-on experience. Lunch will be provided and each attendee will be able to keep the instruction manual that will be provided in the seminar.

Your presenters are highly experienced coatings professionals, local to the Ohio market.

–  Jamie Redd: Commercial Coatings Training, 30 years with PPG

–  Brian Nowak: Commercial Territory Manager, 4 years with PPG and 17 years in coatings

–  Kathi Minut: Territory Manager, 23 years with PPG and 31 years in coatings

–  Troy Bisesi: Commercial Business Development Manger, 33 years with PPG