Manufacturing Lunch 'n' Learn Series

Skoda Minotti

WIRE-Net's Lunch 'n' Learn series, presented by Skoda Minotti, features local successful manufacturing leaders with great lessons to share. You can learn from their stories of what it took to get where they are today, and what they are doing to continue growing toward the future.

Building Our Manufacturing Workforce

Jergens, Inc.

Jergens, Inc. applies their "keep innovating" philosophy to their people, not just their products and processes. Jergens has been ahead of the curve in developing workforce solutions for many years, as demonstrated by their founding of Tooling U in 2001. While Jergens is continually seeking machinists, engineers, and manufacturing specialists for careers in advanced manufacturing, they don't just sit back and wait for job candidates to come to them. Jergens actively participates in several workforce programs throughout the community. Join us to hear about their latest projects.

Right Skills Now

Designed to meet the demand for skilled CNC operators, the Right Skills Now program, offered through Tri-C, combines 180 hours of training with 320 hours of paid internship to prepare individuals for a career in the manufacturing industry.

Cuyahoga East Vocational Education Consortium (CEVEC)

The Jergens-CEVEC partnership is the first ever in the country, and offers experience for special needs students from multiple school districts who are interested in employment in manufacturing. Students learn through nine hands-on rotations, as well as learning modules through Tooling University.

FastForward Machining Center

Jergens FastForward Machine Technology Center uses machine and quick-change workholding technologies to focus on process improvement and workforce development.

"With this dedicated space, we are further stepping up our efforts to promote training and education across the board including customers, suppliers, partners, students, and the community that serves Manufacturing. We are looking to expand the knowledge base for the vocational workforce and those pursuing a career in manufacturing, and to encourage creativity to Think, Make and Grow."

Jack Schron, President, Jergens, Inc.

Jergens, Inc opened its doors in 1942 and began its journey to grow into one of the world's largest manufacturers of standard tooling components, vices, and other workholding equipment. Manufacturing Efficiency for 75 Years!