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Is Your Inventory Turning Fast Enough?

Inventory is often an afterthought; that is until your finance team declares "we're running out of cash!" While there is no I in team, the I of Inventory is critical to cash flow and the working capital health of a business.

This seminar will focus on ways to reduce existing inventories and maintain positive control through definable, predictable, and repeatable processes.

  • Name the inventory mountain; RAW, WIP, or Finished Goods
  • Tame Mount Inventory; consume, return, or sell
  • Keep the (now) molehill from turning back into a mountain
About Our Speaker
Mike Ryan

Michael Ryan is the Managing Partner of The M. Ryan Group, a consulting firm which works with manufacturers that want to improve inventory turns and increase cash flow.

Michael's "why" is a belief there are many successful people who are not content with the status quo. His passion is in helping achieve goals in profitability and performance by linking people, process, and systems.

Known as a "roll up the sleeves" leader, Michael is recognized for his ability to break a problem down, articulate the challenges, identify a solution, and motivate a team to deliver. An engineer by trade, and a GE Certified Six Sigma Black Belt, the common thread throughout his career is continuous improvement.

Prior to founding The M. Ryan Group, Michael held supply chain and operations leadership roles with General Electric, Goodyear, Carlisle Brake & Friction, and Hines Specialty Vehicle Group.