Plant Tour Series


WIRE-Net Plant Tours, presented by Sikich, offer participants a unique opportunity to see successful local manufacturing facilities and learn firsthand about what they're doing right. Each tour focuses on a quality that sets the company apart.

Plant Tour: Thogus

Not Your Grandfather's Manufacturing Plant

Visiting Thogus gives you the chance to see a manufacturer that embraces new technologies and concepts like Lean manufacturing, automation, robotics, and additive manufacturing. We always say that the one constant at Thogus is change, but by embracing this change we have been able to double our personnel and increase revenue since 2008.

Our tour will give you a firsthand look at some of the technologies we have adopted as well as a look at our sister company, rp+m, which offers additive manufacturing solutions. rp+m was founded in 2011 and is headed by Dr. Tracy Albers, President and CTO. An additional company based in Westlake, JALEX Medical, was founded in 2012 to provide biomedical and regulatory services to the medical industry and is headed up by Jen Palinchik, President.


Through these different companies, CEO Matt Hlavin believes in being able to find solutions to current and potential customers' known and unmet needs.

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