Emerging Trends in U.S. Apprenticeships

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Registered Apprenticeships have been around for more than a century, but they have gained new energy under both the Obama and Trump administrations. The Labor Department has pumped over $200M into stimulating new and innovative approaches to this proven solution for addressing the skills gap. This isn't your grandfather's apprenticeship . . . welcome to the new apprenticeship!

New frameworks include guidelines for more flexible competency programs, online learning formats, and articulation with post-secondary degrees. Businesses are also seeing that the ROI of apprenticeships is substantial. Companies offering registered apprenticeship programs improve productivity and profitability, reduce turnover, and attract better applicants.

Get the latest updates on some of these emerging trends from Craig McAtee, Executive Director of the National Coalition of Advanced Technology Centers (NCATC) and Workforce Executive at Tooling-U SME. Craig has spent over 25 years in engineering, technology, and senior leadership positions for the Swagelok Company, an international manufacturing organization, based in Solon, Ohio.

Getting started has never been easier and plenty of resources are available to help you start your apprenticeship program.