Supervisory Certificate Series II

In this advanced five-part series, participants will learn to apply managerial and interpersonal skills including how to plan and manage everyday work, decision making and implementation strategies, and engagement tools to measure performance and retain talent. ERC's nationally-recognized program employs tools and interactive activities, delivered by high energy and knowledgeable trainers. We encourage teams of two to three people attend together for maximum value.

April 24, 2018
Module 1: Workplace Planning and Managing

  • Planning
  • Delegation
  • Time management
  • Documentation/administration

May 1, 2018
Module 2: Problem Solving and Decision Making

  • Identifying, defining, and analyzing problems
  • Problem solving tools and implementation techniques
  • Decision making strategies
  • Judging alternatives and choosing options

May 8, 2018
Module 3: Leading Groups Through Change

  • Dealing with resistance to change
  • Phases of change
  • Guiding others through change
  • Introducing and leading change

May 15, 2018
Module 4: Managing Employee Performance

  • Set performance expectations
  • Use a tool that makes giving feedback easy
  • Track and document performance
  • Prepare for and deliver a performance review
  • Use self-appraisals and learning plans

May 22, 2018
Module 5: Engaging and Retaining Talent

  • Talent as an organization's critical asset
  • Ways to identify top talent
  • What attracts top talent to an organization
  • Why top talent stays with an organization (and why they leave)
  • The supervisor/top talent relationship
  • Management strategies and tools for engagement and retention (GLUE)