Embracing and Retaining the New Generation Workforce

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There's no doubt companies are anxious about filling key positions and meeting their future workforce needs. Challenged with facing new generations of workers that offer unique differences in the workplace, companies that take a fresh approach to recruitment, training, and development can elevate everyone's performance in an organization, leading to loyalty and stronger business results.

Prepare to embrace this significant pool of workers by better understanding their motivations and strengths, establishing clear career pathways and formal training programs tied to competency development and career growth.

Learn what successful employers are doing to attract and retain this generation.

Young Worker

Denise Ball
About Our Presenter

Denise Ball is a Workforce Development Specialist for ToolingU-SME, an industry leader in manufacturing workforce education and development. She has served as a practitioner of best-in-class learning and development techniques for the manufacturing industry for over 25 years. Her extensive background includes workforce development for customized training at Lakeland Community College in Ohio. She also brings hands-on experience in manufacturing as she assisted her family in running a small machine shop for several years. For the past six years, Denise has guided the implementation of workforce education and skills training into corporations across the globe to help develop their workforce with success, as well as facilitated workshops on best practices and various webinars. She resides in Ohio with her husband and has five children.