Supervisory Certificate Series I

In this four-part series, participants will gain an understanding of their role as a supervisor. They will also learn how to apply their newly-learned skills to build a more engaged, productive, and synergistic workplace. ERC's nationally-recognized program employs tools and interactive activities, delivered by high energy and knowledgeable trainers. We encourage teams of two to three people attend together for maximum value.



Module 1
Role of the Supervisor

  • Overcoming common supervisory challenges and transitional issues
  • Roles and responsibilities of a supervisor
  • Effective and ineffective supervisory behaviors
  • Balancing tasks and relationships
  • Coaching for maximum performance

Module 2

  • Building relationships and rapport
  • Communication with others (listening, sharing viewpoint, clarifying, giving feedback)
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Giving effective feedback
  • Understanding and adapting to different styles

Module 3
Conflict Resolution

  • Defining and identifying conflict
  • Costs and causes of conflict
  • Understanding conflict management styles
  • Strategies to manage and resolve conflict
  • Dealing with challenging people

Module 4
Leading Effective Teams

  • Understand the importance and role of teams
  • Identify team roles
  • Understand the power of teamwork
  • Differentiate between leader versus facilitator
  • Use consensus decision-making