Strength in Numbers

Why WIRE-Net's Membership Growth Matters to You

Great Lakes Towing

Attendees at WIRE-Net's networking event held a the Great Lakes Shipyard were able to see the American Courage towed in.

Since the beginning of this year, WIRE-Net has gained 59 new members. For WIRE-Net, that means we are a stronger, healthier organization.
But, what does it mean for you?

  1. More connections – as a WIRE-Net member you have the opportunity to meet other members—at WIRE-Net events, by downloading a member list*. The more members we have, the more people you can meet!
  2. Exclusive entry to exciting locations – WIRE-Net encourages our members to show off their plants, distribution centers, and, yes, even shipyards (see photo). Just this past Wednesday, over 100 people joined us at the Great Lakes Shipyard, site of WIRE-Net member The Great Lakes Towing Company.
  3. Access to more subject matter experts – in addition to manufacturing and related companies, WIRE-Net members include attorneys, accountants, and marketing professionals. These professionals share their expertise with our stakeholders through newsletter articles and seminars.
  4. Peer learners groups – companies share many of the same challenges and opportunities. Owners and operations managers tell us that sharing solutions and best practices with their peers in small group sessions is not only affordable and reasonable time commitment, but a great way to engage and develop other team members. Look for our member-only roundtables and user group opportunities coming this fall.
  5. Member-to-Member program (coming soon) – for quite a while we have given members an opportunity to offer discounts and other special offers to their fellow members. Now that our membership has grown to over 350 strong, we are working to enrich the program. Start thinking about what you can offer to the membership and watch your inbox for an email announcing the details soon.

Members, remember to show your WIRE-Net pride! Display the WIRE-Net logo on your website.

For answers to your questions about membership, contact Rick Dawson at 216.920.1960.

*Members can download a full membership list by logging in to the members-only section of our website.

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