High-Level Quality and Technical Capabilities

General Metal Heat Treating, Inc., WIRE-Net Member Since 2010

by Rob Felber, President, Felber Public Relations & Marketing

General Metal Heat Treating

General Metal Heat Treating (GMHT) was founded in 1942 by Bill Kaye, a furnace operator and Joe Sindelar, a former employee of the East Ohio Gas Company. A true "war baby," GMHT focused on tungsten based steel that could be heat treated in open flame. Arthur Torok joined the business as a young metallurgist and minority owner in 1962. By 1972 he had become the majority owner and President. Today three of Art's children are involved in the business: Chris Torok – maintenance and pyrometry; Deb Dougherty – quality; and Katie Churchin – finance and administration. The management team is rounded out with Frank Skully as plant manager, joining the company in 1976.

Mr. Torok expanded and transformed the business through technical expertise and capital expenditures. Today, General Metal Heat Treating has furnace lines that include vacuum, salt, pit, integral quench, draw and deep freeze. They process to many different specifications and customer approvals.

General Metal Heat Treating

Over the years GMHT has become known for high quality and the ability to heat treat complex jobs. They are proud to be Nadcap and AS9100C quality certified, not typical for smaller, owner operated heat treat facilities. These certifications allow GMHT to heat treat parts for aerospace, nuclear and other industries that require a high level of quality and technical capabilities.

GMHT is also proud of the quality and tenure of their employees. Many employees have been with GMHT for over 25 years, including the process engineer and quality manager who has 50 years of service. There is also a strong base of younger employees working for 5-10 years. Talented employees who truly care for the business are the core of their success.

GMHT has pride in people-to-people interaction, and to this day do not have voicemail to ensure that all customers' needs are met quickly and directly. Employees and owners work directly with customers to understand each job's requirements and to customize the heat treating to those needs.

Joe Gross, the local WIRE-Net CIRI representative, was the first GMHT connection to WIRE-Net. This happened to be Katie Churchin's third day with the company. Katie had come from a service industry background and had very little exposure to manufacturing. Having been a former owner of a small manufacturing business – Joe was a great resource of ideas, inspiration and connections. Callie Cripps now works with GMHT and is currently helping investigate some real estate projects, and coordinates with the neighborhood development corporation and councilperson. WIRE-Net has been instrumental over the years in helping navigate municipal service offices as well.

More information about the company can be found at www.generalmetalheat.com.

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