Celebrating 50 Years of Manufacturing in Cleveland

Midwest Box Company, WIRE-Net Member Since 1990

by Rob Felber, President, Felber Public Relations & Marketing

If you manufacture in Cleveland or receive materials in a corrugated box, there's a good chance it was produced by Midwest Box Company – they have been making boxes in Cleveland since 1964.

"Company success is in no small part attributable to the fact that most of our employees have years of experience, many having worked for the company for over 30 years. Aside from general shipping boxes, we manufacture a wide variety of products including bright multi colored Displays and Cremation Caskets," comments Suzy Hecht Remer.

Yes, cremation boxes. You hope to not need one, but someone has to make them.

Midwest Box Company

"We are constantly growing, now occupying over 200,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space. Our proudest and most recent acquisition is 'Big Red', a state of the art box making press. This new equipment has allowed us to expand our workforce once again," adds Suzy.

So, does a 50 year company have challenges? You bet. While the organization supplies companies that manufacture or distribute a product, they still need the region to continue to grow these types of companies. "This coincides perfectly with WIRE-Net's Mission to make manufacturing in Northeast Ohio its top priority!" notes Suzy.

"WIRE-Net has been an integral part of our connection with other manufacturers, as well as a valuable asset in assisting with city issues through their CIRI Program and guidance with hiring needs."

In 1964 Marvin Hecht and Bob Cook, both local Clevelanders, founded Midwest Box Company, a manufacturer of corrugated boxes. Bob with years of packaging experience and Marv with his background in sales and marketing recognized the need for more box production in Cleveland's large manufacturing arena. Marv eventually bought Bob's interest in the company, and after his passing in 2010, his two daughters, Suzy Hecht Remer and Laurel Hecht owned and ran the company.

Laurel has since sold her portion of the company to Suzy and has returned to being a full time artist.

Longtime WIRE-Net member Suzy Hecht Remer owns and runs Midwest Box Company as well as operates and runs Walford Industrial Park. Walford Industrial Park is home to not only Midwest Box, but an array of manufacturing and otherwise interesting companies on the west side of Cleveland. With the company's commitment to staying in the city of Cleveland, Walford Industrial Park was bought in 2002 to ensure Midwest Box's original location stays permanent and provides ample space for company growth.

Midwest Box has been a member of WIRE-Net almost since its inception. Suzy has been a Board Member for several years.

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